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Unlimited Projects

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Storage
“We Designed Mixtape to be the ONLY Project Management Tool You’ll Ever Need…

Both Robert and I have been doing projects in our marketing businesses for years and one day through conversation we realized that both of had the same problem.

We could never find a project management system that fit what we really needed as Internet Marketers you take on clients, run ads, manage a team and so forth.

That’s why we decided to create one ourselves. It’s taken us over a year to develop but we finally created something that anybody who takes on clients (that’s you) can use daily.

Not only did we develop features that no other tool out there has, we decided to forgo all the restrictions and charges that other platforms offer.

“The Result was a PM Tool like Nothing Else Out there, This thing is on Steroids…”

With Mixtape you get unparalleled freedom to create as many projects as you need without restrictions.

We also allow unlimited users and storage which you just won’t find with other platforms.

You also get access to ALL FUTURE Upgrades at no additional cost. As a platinum grandfathered member, you’ll never have pay for any additional features we add and we are constantly adding new features based on our user feedback.

That’s right as part of this special offer, you get to use Mixtape as much as you want with no restrictions!

Plus we are continuously working to upgrade the platform and make it the most user friendly, marketing based PM system on the Planet! We will even take your feedback into strong consideration, we’ve already added features requested by our earliest members.

The bottom line is by combining the Local Lead Drop System and Advanced Training with the Mixtape Software you’ll have everything you need to handle all the business coming your way.

The best part is you can manage the entire process from just one simple dashboard and even keep up on the go with your smartphone!

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Mixtape Special Offer

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Check out just a few of the Awesome things You Can Do with the Mixtape Platform…

In addition to having all the standard features you would expect with a PM system (projects, tasks, calendar, etc) Mixtape is designed specifically for people who take on clients.

To put it simply, no other platform out there offers the ability to track your client business AND your projects from one central location…

Track and Manage Your Clients

Easily add your client information to the system so that you can track everything you’ve sold them and what you are doing for them.

Keep all your client information in one central location and even attach them to specific projects.

You can even add the services you sell, attach them to a client and automatically populate the associated tasks…pretty sweet!

Services with Task Automation

Save time with one of our favorite features by automating the task creation process.

Once you add your services to the system, you can add the task that will need to be completed each time you sell that service.

Then simply add that service to a project and all of those task will automatically populate for you. HUGE TIME SAVER!


Employee Screenshot
Controlled Employee Portal

We recognize that you may not want your employees or outsource workers to have access to your entire business, so we gave you the option to control what they see!

You can either let them only see the things that pertain to them in their employee portal if you choose.

You can also choose to give anybody “Manager Role Access” which gives them access to everything you have access to. This is great for your admin or assistant to help manage the team for you!

Built in Employee Training Section

Many marketers like you work with people remotely and often times training them can be difficult over hangouts, webinars or other means.

That’s why we created the “Training Portal” so that you can easily upload training videos (even by other people) and add them to your employee dashboard.

This makes it super easy to get things accomplished fast without the need for long drawn out meetings or answering questions over and over.


G drive logo

db logo
Google Drive and Dropbox Integration

In addition to giving you unlimited storage within the mixtape platform we’ve also integrated Google Drive and Dropbox so you can easily upload files from either one.

This is just one of many integration we’ve been adding recently to make Mixtape the ONLY project management tool you’ll ever need.

No other platform offers this of unlimited storage AND integration with your favorite storage sites.

Easy Setup Wizard

To make it as easy as possible for you to hit the ground running we added an easy setup wizard to walk you through getting started. 

With the Wizard you can add you clients, services, task and team members in bulk fashion instead of manually one by one. You can also go back to the Wizard and use the bulk add feature at any time. Get started in no time!

…just to name a few!
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Bonus #1 – Mixtape Kickoff Session ($97 Value)
To make sure you are able to make Mixtape work for you from the get go, we are going to jump on a live call and help you out!

We’ll domonstrate everything that’s possible with Mixtape and take all questions you may have about setting your YOUR Mixtape.

Plus we’ll show you all the cool tips and tricks that make it even more awesome to use!


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As a bonus for becoming a Mixtape customer we are going to give you a FREE TICKET to our Mastermid Meetup in Denver, CO this spring!

You’ll get to work with us in person discussing strategies that you can implement specifically for your business!

This bonus is easily worth the price of Mixtape today on it’s own…and then some!

Not only are you Grandfathered into the Mixtape Platform which Includes Unlimited Users, Projects and Storage PLUS all future upgrades…

You also get live kickoff training and join us in person for a live mastermind meetup!

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Get Instant Access to the Mixtape Platform for Just…

Mixtape Special Offer

Billed Annually.

Limited Time Coupon – Use Code 50off to get 50% Off at Checkout!